Readings this Week

  • St. Louis king of france August 25

    Advice to a Catholic Statesman – St. Louis

    Here Saint Louis, king of France, gives advice to his son as to how a Catholic statesman ought to conduct himself with relation to God, his subjects, and especially the poor. Read on August 25, the feast of St. Louis....

  • narow door universal catholic church

    Narrow Door to a Universal Church

    Jesus' call to enter through the narrow door seems to conflict with the idea that God wants all to be saved, that the universal, Catholic Church means "here comes everybody." But a deeper look resolves the inconsistency....

  • Feast Queenship Coronation of Mary our queen of peace & virtue august 22

    Feast of The Queenship of Mary – Amadeus

    This excerpt from a homily by Saint Amadeus of Lausanne, read by the Church on August 22, Feast of the Queenship of Mary, extolls the virtue of the Blessed Virgin, the Queen of Peace. ...