Humanum #1: The Meaning of Marriage.

Episode 1: The Destiny of Humanity from Humanum on Vimeo.

The Humanum series is a magnificent, multi-cultural exploration into the marvelous mystery of the complementarity of male and female as exemplified by marriage.  In this age of gender confusion, it shows us the natural basis of what today is called “traditional marriage” as understood by couples around the world, from various cultural and religious backgrounds.  This first episode, The Meaning of Marriage, is a 17 minute visual and intellectual feast.  The entire series, superb for viewing by married or engaged couples or by high school or university students studying marriage and the sexes, is available as a free gift from the foundation that commissioned this world class video series.  The rest of the series, which was inspired by a 2014 multi-cultural conference on the complementarity of male and female sponsored by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is available for rent or purchase via Vimeo on demand.

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